When neuroscientists marry

Like most, I wanted a special gift for my wife on our wedding day. We’re both neuroscientists studying human memory with fMRI at the University of Texas at Austin. I wanted to surprise her with a gift that best symbolized me giving her all that I am. But, being scientists, the notion of giving one’s “heart” just didn’t cut it. So, armed with a brain scan of my own brain, I created a 3D model, had it printed (thanks to Nathan Tone at makexyz), and surprised her with it on our wedding day. She loved it!

Thanks to Luis and Clarissa at iluvphoto for the great photos of my wife opening a gift only a neuroscientist would love.

We were Internet famous for a brief moment:
CNET – http://www.cnet.com/news/groom-gives-bride-heady-gift-his-brain/,
BoingBoing – http://boingboing.net/2014/10/01/neuroscientist-groom-give-neur.html